Baked veggies full of flavour

Aaahhh, the taste of baked veggies where you can still taste the actual vegetables. We so often don't go this route because it takes a long time in the oven. No more. Baked / grilled vegetables are so easy to make in the Swift Baker.


This is the best part. You can use any vegetables that you like. Cut them in small or larger pieces. Any amount of vegetables you want to make.

For the recipe on the photo, we used the following:

1 Cup diced carrots

1 Cup diced beetroot

1 Cut diced baby corn

Olive oil

Spices (Veggie spice, black pepper, salt)


  1. Prepare your ring pan with Non-Stick Cooking spray

  2. Peel and dice your vegetables

  3. Through your diced vegetables in your ring pan.

  4. Sprinkle some Olive oil over the vegetables

  5. Sprinkle spices over the vegetables. Black pepper, salt, steak and chops. As much as you want.

  6. Place your base on your gas outlet, place the ring pan on the base, cover with the dome and turn on your heat on the medium setting.

  7. Bake for approximately 30 to 35 min, depending on the amount of veggies used and your heat setting.

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